Real Modernization

Modernize your applications with a strategy built around PHP, the language used by more then 40% of the world's web sites.  And it's right at your fingertips, because every IBM i ships with a copy of Zend Server, an enterprise-class application platform for PHP.  You can keep your business logic where it is, or you can leverage Zend Server's Apigility to move toward a services application model.

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Our experts. Your innovation

We have some of the best minds in the PHP world, and we can share our expertise with you online, in person, or remotely.  In addition, we're tightly partnered with IBM, so you can be assured that our solutions are designed and delivered for the IBM i.

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Skill sets for the future

If you have classic IBM i skills, PHP is easy to add to your technical toolbelt.  We have the training and services to get you up to speed quickly.  And when you use PHP to build web and mobile applications, you'll open up the pool of potential talent to join your team.

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We've got your back

With Zend, you get enterprise class support for open source technology.  You reduce your risk by ensuring that you have the right level of support.

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Meet users on their devices

Users today expect to find their business applications on their device of choice, and "screen scraping" tools just can't re-face a green screen to all those tablets and phones.  By using PHP natively on IBM i, you easily deploy to any application without having to set up an unfamiliar--and potentially expensive--new development environment just to get the modern interfaces users demand.


And as your team expands its skill set with PHP on IBM i, you'll find you can leverage the power of Zend Server for PHP on IBM i.  

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Deploy better applications faster

In any project, you've had to live with the notion that when it comes to speed, quality, and cost, you can only optimize for two out of three.

Until now.

With Zend Server, you can take application lifecycle management to the next level.  Using the methods described in our continuous delivery blueprint, you can progressively automate the steps in your development cycle, and over time, eliminate error-prone activities and increase time to market.   With enough automation, you can achieve, speed, low-cost, and quality, all at the same time!