Code Editor

The rich and smart code editor understands your code and its structure right off the bat. It works with the latest PHP 5.5, HTML, CSS and JavaScript; as well as older versions of PHP for compatibility with legacy projects. Its features include smart code completion, syntax highlighting, code assist, code formatting, PHP refactoring, real-time error detection, and more.


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Debugging and Profiling

The option to use the ZendDebugger and XDebug gives you more advanced debugging capabilities. The IDE will automatically detect and validate your PHP binary or local server settings. When working with Zend Server, you can take advantage of Debug Mode and trigger debugging session from any device. The built-in Profiler detects bottlenecks in scripts by locating problematic sections of code and provides detailed reports that are essential to optimizing the overall performance of your application.


Built-in Tools

TestingStreamlined PHPUnit workflows for writing and executing unit testing help you write more reliable code.

Dependency management: The new Composer support lets you easily browse and manage project dependencies and repositories.

Code DocumentationThe Integrated PHPDocumentor 2 facilitates a quick and  easy generation of user-friendly documentation.


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Zend Server Integration

Benefit from application monitoring, manage server-side libraries. Whether it’s on premise - Windows, Linux, Mac OS, or IBM i - or in the cloud, Studio provides seamless integration and hassle-free application deployment to Zend Server.


Integrated Frameworks

Zend Studio provides built-in tools that allow developers to build Zend Frameworks applications with proper structure, files and directories - out of the box and ready to use. Developers can take advantage of extra features like automated creation of modules, view helpers and controllers and enhanced content assist for services and variables


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Visual Mobile Development

The seamless integration with Apache Cordova lets you build Web mobile applications for all the major mobile platforms, using the popular web technologies you already know: HTML, CSS and Javascript. This includes a visual, drag-and-drop editor for quick prototyping of user interface.



Apigility Integration

Zend Studio can create a new Apigility-enabled project, install all required Composer dependencies and launch the Apigility Admin with just a few clicks. As you start defining new APIs, all changes made by Apigility will be visible in the PHP Explorer view and links in the Apigility Admin UI will open your PHP file in the source code editor. Once the service is defined, you are just one click away from seeing it in action - the ‘Test Service’ button will enable you to send requests and check responses. And, if you're working on a Cloud-Connected Mobile project, the client-side of your mobile application can easily be connected with the API created via Apigility.


Customizable platform

Based on Eclipse platform, Zend Studio is easily extensible. Pick and choose from the largest library of additional plug-ins.





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