Using Zend Server Z-Ray is akin to wearing X-Ray goggles, effortlessly giving you deep insight into how their code is running as you are developing it – all without having to change any of your habits or workflow.  With Z-Ray, you can immediately understand the impact of their code changes, enabling you to both improve quality and solve issues long before your code reaches production. In addition to the obvious benefits of this ‘Left Shifting’ – better performance, fewer production issues and faster recovery times – using Z-Ray is also downright fun!


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PHP and Web Server

Zend Server provides a complete, reliable and secure PHP stack, bundling over 80 of the most popular PHP extensions and libraries. Whether on Apache, nginx or IIS - Zend Server provides you with a consistent PHP environment across all major operating systems, for both development and production.

Zend Server allows you to easily manage your PHP configuration settings to fit the needs of your applications - whether on a single server or a large cluster.


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Zend Server PHP extensions page


Zend Server Deployment wizard

Streamline and automate the process of deploying applications using Zend Server Deployment. Eliminate key sources of deployment failures, and ensure consistency across development, staging and production, by using application packages containing your code, deployment scripts, dependencies, metadata and installation parameters.

Deploy your apps manually from within the Zend Server UI, or integrate automated deployment into your continuous delivery cycle using Zend Server's deployment APIs.

Code libraries can be abstracted out from apps and managed centrally, simplifying dependencies and updates.


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Installed on Zend Server, your apps are guaranteed to run faster than before. You can squeeze even more performance out of them using the following features:

Running jobs using Zend Job Queue allows executing time-consuming jobs asynchronously, removing application bottlenecks and improving end user experience.

Using Zend Page Cache speeds up recurring access to PHP pages by caching the entire output of specific URLs.

Can't cache the entire page? Use the Zend Data Cache API to avoid computing the same data again and again.


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URL (page) Caching in Zend Server


Zend Server Monitoring Rules page

When something goes wrong with your apps, you need to know about it. Whether it's a slow page or a runtime error - Zend Server’s monitoring helps you find out precisely what happened and when - as well as giving you all the information you need to fix it.

When something does go wrong, Code Tracing provides you with the equivalent of a black-box containing the full function-by-function flow of the problematic PHP request.

Use the Zend Debugger for remote debugging of PHP applications with Zend Studio.


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Need to scale up your website? A modern, robust and scalable architecture allows you to easily scale up your production environment and scale-out environments. Based on a de-centralized management system that is comprised of identical components, Zend Server ensures high availability and full support of cloud environments.

With Zend Session Clustering, session data is shared between multiple servers in your cluster, ensuring session continuity in case of system failure, and high availability of your system.


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Building a Zend Server cluster


Zend Server Audit Trail

Zend Server helps you meet the governance and compliance standards of your organization. Use the Audit Trail to track changes made to your system configuration, whether made via the UI, API or directly on the file system.

The user management system allows you to control access to Zend Server, and enables developers to safely access production metrics and diagnostics, with read-only permissions. Use the built-in user management, or authenticate against an existing corporate LDAP server.

Get fixes to security problems (CVEs) under the Zend Server Long Term Support policy.


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Zend Server is fully API-enabled, meaning you can automate all of its various management actions, and integrate with external systems - including your Continuous Delivery cycle.

Based on REST-based APIs, the built-in CLI Tools can be used to automate common setup operations on Linux, Mac, and IBM i.

Likewise, you can use the Zend Server PHP SDK to create and deploy application packages, and manage deployment targets.


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Integrating with Zend Server 


Zend Server Notification Center

Easily fine-tune settings for receiving emails, notifications, audits, and more, from Zend Server. Need to replicate your configuration settings across environments? (e.g. development to staging, or staging to production) With Zend Server, you can export configuration settings from one environment to another with the click of a button, also enabling you to backup your configuration for future use.


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